00:00 Hey my ETH babies!!!xx
02:00 Why #gala is different from other projects
04:00 The entire crypto market
05:20 #btc weekly, daily, 12h, 6h, 4h & 45m
06:20 #eth daily, 12h, 6h & 4h
07:30 Vitalik Buterin reveals next phases for Ethereum
10:00 Ethereum researcher claims global electricity consumption decreased post eth merge
13:20 First exchanges to launch forked ETH token
15:35 Gary Gensler says regulators could undermine securities rules
18:50 #cftc preparing to become crypto watchdog
21:30 #joebiden on clean energy
22:25 #bnb Chain/ #google Cloud partnership recap
23:20 #coinbase CEO announces new in-app tool
27:05 South Korean prosecutors to void Do Kwon’s passport #dokwon #terra #luna
27:35 #michaelsaylor promotes clean Bitcoin mining
29:50 #ftx raises more capital for acquisitions
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