Online video content . This worldwide fascination pioneered by YouTube changed the way media was consumed and created, forever. Although YouTube launched in May of two thousand and five, the release of the first viral videos marked an area where the world no longer saw success on the “big screen” as being just for Hollywood and its handful of vetted actors. For the first time, people saw themselves as having the potential for stardom with their talents, knowledge, and even with their everyday antics. Double Rainbow ? What does the Fox Say ? Antoine Dodson ? Gangnam Style ? Those were the videos we saw and wondered: “can I be a viral YouTube star?” Making money on YouTube is something many people aspire to do, but the road between wanting to do it and actually making money on Youtube can be difficult to navigate. Enter XCAD Network, a platform that connects content creators with their audience in powerful ways, allowing opportunities for creator tokens, video NFTs, advanced content polling and education for aspiring creators. Not to mention XCAD is backed by some of the biggest names on YouTube. Today we dive into the world of online videos and see how XCAD is bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and content creation.

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
1:50 What is XCAD
3:52 XCAD Tokens
4:12 NFT Marketplace
5:05 XCAD plugin
6:26 Jump Trading
7:45 What’s Next?

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