Dogecoin 2.0 is the unofficial successor to Dogecoin and has nearly quadrupled in value overnight

Dogecoin 2.0 (DOGE2) has rallied by an impressive 286% today, comfortably outstripping the comparatively meagre gains of its namesake, Dogecoin (DOGE). These gains have made Dogecoin 2.0 one of the crypto market’s biggest gainers today, and hordes of traders are flocking in to try and get a piece of the action. 

Keep on reading for the best place to buy Dogecoin 2.0 today, as well as more information on the project. 

How & where to buy Dogecoin 2.0 in the UK and elsewhere

If you want to purchase Dogecoin 2.0 today, you’ll need to register with one of the many cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges that offer the token on their platform. Try to keep away from unlicensed brokers and DEXs, as the unregulated nature of these sites makes it hard to recover your invested money if the site is somehow compromised.

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eToro is one of the world’s leading multi-asset trading platforms offering some of the lowest commission and fee rates in the industry. It’s social copy trading features make it a great choice for those getting started.

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Binance has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2017 and is now one of, if not the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

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What is Dogecoin 2.0?

Dogecoin 2.0 is the unofficial heir, successor, and maybe even usurper of Dogecoin. Dogecoin 2.0 aims to take the viral meme-money power of the original Dogefather and improve upon many of the technical drawbacks of the now-antiquated DOGE blockchain. One such improvement includes the introduction of a limited supply, versus Dogecoin’s infinitely inflatable supply. 

This means, in theory, that DOGE2’s value should increase over time, as demand increases but supply remains constricted. With Dogecoin, such a long-term trend is theoretically less likely, as supply is likely to increase alongside demand, leading to a possible sideways price movement in the long term. 

Should I buy DOGE2 today?

For investors who want to capitalise on the “meme magic” of Dogecoin, Dogecoin 2.0 might be a shoo-in. With greatly improved mechanics as well as a DOGE-related mascot, DOGE2 has the potential for both a viral price increase and a long-term stabilisation at a higher price point. 

Whether either of these things will happen is, of course, uncertain, but both seem to be on the cards, and today’s price of $0.06927 might attract some investors.

This post was originally published on Coinjournal.