Thorstarter, the crypto launchpad from the team behind THORChain, has just launched. Learn how to beat the crowds and buy XRUNE coins today.

THORChain has now officially launched its crypto launchpad, Thorstarter, as of this week. The project’s native token, XRUNE, has been increasing steadily since its launch on 3 July. Learn more about Thorstarter in this article, as well as learning how and where to buy XRUNE tokens.

How & where to buy XRUNE in the UK and elsewhere

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What is Thorstarter?

Thorstarter describes itself as a “decentralised launchpad”. What does this mean? A launchpad is a platform that hosts early-stage crypto projects, which often haven’t formally begun yet and normally haven’t yet created a token. Launchpads are the Kickstarters of crypto, essentially.

Most launchpads are centralised — Binance Launchpad, one of the most popular, is native to the Binance exchange, and Binance itself decides which projects to host. Thorstarter disrupts this model by allowing users to choose which projects to launch.

This is done through a decentralised voting mechanism and truly allows the free market to decide which projects should succeed. Thorstarter provides funding for projects via grants, as well as helping them to bootstrap cross-chain liquidity for token launches. This increases the degree to which new crypto projects can adopt a DIY model, rather than relying on venture capital and potentially diluting their core principles for practical reasons.

Should I buy XRUNE today?

If the description of Thorstarter above sounds like a game-changer, then you have the opportunity to buy a piece of the revolution very early on: Thorstarter’s token, XRUNE, is in its first week of existence.

Thorstarter’s all-time chart stretches back just a few days. Source: CoinMarketCap

The success of other launchpads — Binance Launchpad has incubated projects ranging from PancakeSwap (CAKE) to Polygon (MATIC) — suggests that Thorstarter has enormous market potential. Giving users even more choice over which projects to fund and how to fund them, XRUNE could see early adopters flood in and even draw funding away from centralised pads in the future. With Binance’s pad raising $57.8 million in funds so far, XRUNE definitely has the potential to capitalise on a huge, and growing, market.

This post was originally published on Coinjournal.