EverRise is designed to gain value perpetually, and has seen huge price swings recently.

This year has seen an explosion of new tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain, with many experimenting with radical new tokenomics models in an effort to stand out. EverRise is one such coin, with a “hyper-deflationary” supply designed to hoist up the price of RISE over time.

Read on to get a better understanding of the EverRise project, as well as learning how and where to buy the coin before the masses catch on. We’ll run you through the details of the project and even make a price prediction, but first, let’s take a look at where to buy RISE.

How & where to buy EverRise in the UK and elsewhere

Simply sign up to a reputable broker, add funds to your account, and place an order to buy RISE today. The process couldn’t be easier with our licensed broker partners.

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What is EverRise?

EverRise is a store-of-value token that was created just a week ago, on 22nd June. Its token supply mechanics are designed to cause RISE’s price to increase indefinitely, with a heavy emphasis on token burns and “buybacks”.

“Buybacks” are an innovative measure that the RISE team has employed. A portion of all transaction fees is used to buy back RISE tokens, taking them off the market and reducing supply. The hope is that the limited supply will lead to increased demand, and thus a price increase.

Should I buy EverRise today?

If you believe in the vision of EverRise, now could be a great time to buy. Not only has RISE recorded gains of more than 10% in just 24 hours, but the project is still in its infancy. If the “hyper-deflationary” tokenomics really do play out as predicted in the project’s whitepaper, now is arguably the best time to buy RISE.

The current price of $0.0000000254 is still well below its weekly high, and if the project gains mainstream traction like some of the other recent BSC coins, it could fly up into uncharted territory. Today could be the last opportunity to buy EverRise this cheap.

RISE price prediction

RISE’s all-time high occurred earlier this week, at $0.000000049167. If price volatility persists, then EverRise could very well reclaim this price point or even notch up further gains.

In the shorter term, however, RISE has seen several spikes up to the $0.0000000500 region. Another spike like this would represent a 100% increase from its current price, and appears to be well within the realm of possibility.

This post was originally published on Coinjournal.