2local has also seen its trading volume increase by 4,639% as traders look to buy the cryptocurrency.

2local has been boosted by a 283% price rise in the last 24 hours as traders looks to buy the cryptocurrency.

Although 2local is a cryptocurrency that has suffered delays due to the pandemic, as the vaccine is rolled out across the world, local businesses are starting to reopen.

This means that 2local can begin the next phase of its roadmap to start to connect local companies, with an initial aim to get 20 businesses to sign up.

By connecting through the 2local platform, businesses will be able to share loyalty schemes, as well as introducing a cashback system that will encourage consumers to spend their money in local stores.

Where to buy cryptocurrency 2local


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Why is 2local a potentially good buy right now?

Built on the Binance Smart Chain earlier this month, 2local is a project that will seek to fix what many see as an unfair economy for small and local businesses. With huge companies such as Amazon making it hard for small businesses to survive, 2local provides a way for local communities to connect and be more competitive.

After a year in which small businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic, while the Amazon’s of the world have made record profits. The time for consumers to buy cryptocurrencies such as 2local is arguably more about just an investment opportunity but also a way to combat what many see as an increasingly monopolistic economy.

This post was originally published on Coinjournal.