Nuggets is a revolutionary new self-sovereign digital identity and payment platform that stores data privately with the use of blockchain technology. This means it never has to be shared with anyone — even the Nuggets platform itself. Nuggets aims to help liberate personal and commercial data privacy practices by making sure you have complete control over your personal information. With Nuggets, your data isn’t stored with any third parties, so you can trust your personal information will be kept in-house.

Nuggets was founded in 2017 by Alastair and Seema Khinda Johnson as they drew on a wealth of digital and strategic experience to come up with an innovative solution to data privacy. Between them, they built on over 40 years’ experience in the digital and commercial space to help make Nuggets the pinnacle of data privacy and security.

Nuggets is a decentralized payments platform that offers verified self-sovereign digital identity protocols with one-time proof of identity onboarding; giving it the highest level or security for an ever-changing online payment landscape.

While Nuggets offers a range of security features for all sorts of users, their main audience is commercial businesses that want to protect their user’s data when processing identity verification and payments. The team has an extensive background in commercial infrastructure which is evident in the platform they’ve created.

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Standout Nuggets Features

Nuggets has a range of standout features for both businesses and consumers:

Fraud-busting security — Nuggets helps businesses cut the costs associated with fraudulent transactions by reducing data breaches, cutting false positives and eliminating the losses associated with chargebacks.

Net-gen authentication — Nuggets offers one-time self-sovereign digital identity verification for the ultimate level of security.

Revolutionary access and control— Allows customers to verify their identity with biometrics to keep data private and secure.

Industry-leading payment protection — All payments are transacted through user’s ID to help prevent malicious attacks and other fraudulent activity. Merchants save money by reducing fraud and customers get the level of privacy and security that many have been crying out for.

Extra-secure documentation — Customers get full control of their documentation and everything is stored in a secure digital vault—eliminating exposure to hacks and data breaches.

Fully-customisable cross-platform integration — Nuggets can be integrated quickly and easily into a range of existing services, with multiplatform support for Android and iOS.

No passwords and no third-party data storage — Nuggets gives consumers peace-of-mind by never sharing data with third parties and eliminating the need for passwords that can be vulnerable to malicious attacks or storage breaches.

Tokenized system — Nuggets allows users to build up their holding of the “NUG” token via continued use of the platform. NUG tokens can then be spent to buy digital and physical products and services.

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Nuggets: Pros and Cons


  • Huge range of security features to protect personal information and make sure payments are secure for all parties.
  • Elimination of data breaches by securing documents and transactions to make sure customers’ information is always protected—and eliminating costs associated with breaches.
  • Tokenised system that rewards NUGs to incentivize continued use of the platform.
  • Strong team of founders at the cutting-edge of internet security.
  • Extensive affiliate program which rewards both tech and reseller partners.


  • Currently there is a limited number of places you can spend NUG tokens
  • Full list of features and how to make the most of them can be a little overwhelming for non-tech-savvy users.

How to Sign up to Nuggets

To start using Nuggets, all you have to do is click the instant download link to activate on either iOS or Android. Because of Nuggets’ innovative biometric security protocols, you don’t have to store any usernames or passwords. Full implementation of Nuggets into your business can be assisted by getting in touch with their team.

User Interface for Nuggets

Nuggets has a simple and easy-to-use interface that’s relatively easy for anyone to get started with. Download and installation is easy, as is getting started with the platform for customers. Implementation for businesses can take a little more work, but full support is offered to make it as easy as possible.

Nuggets has industry-leading design and layout that fits its position as the next-generation of internet security platforms.

Community Engagement

Nuggets has a far-reaching community engagement and has an extensive following on a range of different social media platforms (and beyond).

Currently, they have over 6,000 Twitter followers and post regular updates. They’ve also got a fully-engaged presence on every other major platform including Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Nuggets: In Summary

In summary, Nuggets brings a range of revolutionary new features to the online privacy and payment protection space. They eliminate the risk of data breaches by storing all documentation in a vault that’s secure from any malicious attacks. Users don’t have to remember usernames or passwords and are verified via biometrics, again eliminating the danger of phishing attacks or other security breaches.

Nuggets is growing rapidly as an online security platform, with more and more merchants making use of its extensive range of privacy solutions. These can help businesses eradicate the costs of fraudulent transactions and help make sure all their customers have full peace-of-mind when making online payments.

The team is an active part of the online community and is looking to extend their range even further over the next couple of years.

All this and more help make Nuggets one of the best new privacy payment platforms around.

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This post was originally published on Coinjournal.